Field to Faucet Brochure
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Conservation Technology Information Center
Profitable agricultural solutions that protect the environment.
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EPA on Ag
Ideas, programs and practices from the Environmental Protection Agency’s agricultural web site.
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EPA on Source Water Protection
The agency’s website on protecting sources of drinking water.
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An interactive learning environment focused on agriculture from America’s land-grant universities.
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Natural Resources Conservation Service
USDA’s effort to help land owners conserve their soil, water, and other natural resources.
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Groundwater Basics
Facts, terms, explanations and suggestions from The Groundwater Foundation.
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Source Water Collaborative
Suggestions from 21 organizations united to protect the lakes, rivers and aquifers we tap for drinking water.
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From the Pacific Northwest
Ten ways farmers can help restore clean water and salmon.
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Fertilizer Use, Conservation Buffers & Conservation Tillage
Outreach tools and success stories
Website for EPA’s non-point source program.
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Fact Sheet
EPA flyer on agricultural runoff.
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Good Livestock Management
Recommendations around animal manure management.
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Integrated Pest Management
The IPM Institute of North America, Inc.
Information from a non-profit created to promote integrated pest management.
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Intelligent Irrigation
Pacific Institute Report
How California agriculture can thrive while conserving water.
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Smart Septic Tanks
EPA Guide
Septic tank solutions for homeowners.
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Teaching Resources
U.S. Geologic Survey
Water science for schools.
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Online Teaching Resources
From the National FFA Organization, the Council for Agricultural Education and other partners.
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Water Drop Patch Project
Helps Girl Scouts learn about water quality.
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National Association of Conservation Districts
Water education resources.
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NACD Stewardship & Education
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